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Yankee Pot Roast Soup

If you’ve ever been to Montana’s (the restaurant), you may have tried their Yankee Pot Roast Soup.  Craig and I love to enjoy a bowl as an appetizer whenever we visit, and I thought it was a great, hearty fall weather food so I scoped out recipes online.  Would you believe it there is already a recipe online that people have commented and said it tastes like the Montana’s soup?  I made a batch of it tonight, and I have to agree that it is a pretty close taste.  Enjoy!

stew 4

Yankee Pot Roast Soup

Source: Family Oven

1. Sprinkle beef with salt and pepper (I keep kosher salt in a salt pig on my stove for this purpose) then brown in butter over Medium High heat.

stew 1

2.  Add in garlic during last few minutes of browning then add in a small amount of the broth to deglaze the pan. 

3.  Add in additional broth and remaining ingredients and bring to a boil.

stew 2

4.  Reduce to a simmer and cook for around an hour (until potatoes are cooked through).  Check spices and flavourings and modify before serving.

 stew 3


- I couldn’t find maggi seasoning in the grocery store, so I found a site online that said I could mix Worcestershire and soy sauce in equal parts to much the same result.

- I left out the celery as I don’t really like cooked celery.

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  1. How much Worcestershire & soy sauce did you substitute in for the 1 tsp of maggi seasoning? Looks delicious. Thanks.


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